Saturday, March 30, 2013

So this is it?

I am back :) trying out the app on the device to see how accessible it is.. *Fingers crossed* I hope this a success so that I continue blogging ;)

"Back by increased demand" yeah!
It's been a while, so you all need to wait to me to buck up and update you slowly as to what's been going on in my life ;)

For now.. This is it .. My trial and error round...

Monday, May 16, 2011

MeLange :)

(Melange = Mixture)

Presenting...... The magazine COVER of Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences 2010-11  :D
(Ive made sure that ive drawn at least 45% of the people i know at Manipal...)
so try spotting yourselves :)

Enjoy :D


When Life "PULLS" you down.....

Hold yourself up straight, 

Shrug your shoulders,

Slap yourself a few times ( it hurts ),

Kick a ball continuously ( don't try the wall because it'll really hurt )

Cut some onions to cry it out :P ( don't cut yourself in the process ) :P

Find some friends to be with.... (cause they really matter)

and Maybe.... just maybe..... look for me ;) :P

Jokin jokin :D

but still.. you do either need your friends or at least a family member to help you out :)
Kick the frustration out!
you'll need it... because it will help you build your self-esteem and charisma to talk to people again..

I really really want to thank the following people for helping me out by
"kicking it out and away from my system :-

1) Karishma
2) Pragya
3) Prajakta
4) Val
5) Tricia
6) Sneha
7) Zena
8) Niki. L
9) Winola
(im sorry if i've forgotten to mention any others)
Your kind gratitude really helped me :)
Thank you so so much :) Without you guys.. i would have been lost :'( (sniff sniff)

so.... like i said, life, when pulls you down, try to find your way back up. :)

now here are some cartoons that ive not published before (some are really old)
hope you all enjoy it :)
being nervous..

going crazy when  you're bored

Vandalizing as usual :P

hmm.... well.. some certain person told me this when she/he saw this picture,
and i quote : "if you're falling, dont worry, ill break your fall" :) :) 
a friend saying that really makes you smile ;)

till next time then :)

Take Care! :D


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eat, Sleep, Drink, Watch, BLEED BLUE???!!? :P


(was what ive been hearing since 2.30pm today)

and why all this special patriotism?

it was a cricket match AGAINST PAKISTAN!!!

the big RIVALRY between these nations.
you know the history ;)

(sorry, if you don't know it i suggest wiki-ing about it)

so... as soon as it struck 2, most of my classmates had bunked class for this match..
but not meee :P :P

i went for classes, and even our teacher was interested in knowing the score.
thanks to the handy "inbuilt" net in my phone, the live updates were up on my screen :P

ok ok... long story short...

INDIA WON! by 29 runs..
sorry Pakistan, maybe some other time, or some other league :P

and so my day ended at 10.53 pm when there were fireworks and "howling" fans :P

here are some pics below :)

ENJOY!! :)

(Howling FANS)

Till next time :)



(finals are on saturday 2nd april 2011, do catch it live)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way :)




so if one has to survive... they need to have STRESS-BUSTERS!

well... for me, there are many things to do to get out of this stressful days :D

1) Draw
2) Sleep
3) T.P. (time pass)
4) Fifa 11
5) movies / tv shows
6) Walk (yeah yeah dont ask me if i do)
7) cook
8) drink..... cola :P
9) a productive hobby
and of course when there is utter boredom and silence with no power, 

so let your imagination run wild :P

do something non-stressful today :P

Peace! \m/

-SMILE- :)


Praying for Japan.
(12th march 2011)

P.S. Read the links below for more news
Lets hope they get to kick start life again very soon.
my heartfelt condolences to people to have lost loved ones in this unfortunate


MSB - 2.16 AM

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


3 years?? Dang... its been a really really long while... but... IM BACK :D
(lets not ask for how long) :P

so lets see...there's some catching up to do!!

2nd year in manipal now... doing physiotherapy...
and for you who dont know what and where is manipal...

here's a lil info...

check out these websites... im not telling you much :P

So.... what else??

2.5 years more and i have my
degree!! :P (lets hope it stays that way)

life here is good. ok okish... ok maybe just an "awesomelyfreakishly happy place" :)


ive found special people to be with, special comfort and awesome time to spend with the following people...(note: the order of names are NOT according to any type of priority)

1) Tricia
2) Karishma
3) Prajakta
4) Val
5) Rahul

and Many more!
(note to self, they are kick ass people)

and so, im sure you're wondering if ive dropped cartooning over these years?
and the answer is....
NO!! :D im still kicking cartoon butt!

here are some that you've missed out if you dont have me on facebook :) (add me if you still dont have me) :)

This one is how i portray myself when i first get up for class :S

The one below this one is actually a true story.. tragic but true...
i missed my attendance because i fell asleep :P

The one below is a secret ;)
for you... (you know who you are) :)

this is again how i look when i yawn to get up :P

Ever heard of dont hear evil, dont see evil, and NOW there is a new one... Dont smell evil :P

Till next time (hopefully soon)